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Have you ever felt limited by the surroundings in which you were raised?
Are you currently living beneath your potential?
Have you ever struggled with an addiction?

This book will give you the framework so you can rise above your embedded subconscious programs and how you can live a life of abundance and prosperity.

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The genesis of this book comes from healing and helping thousands of people from around the world. Many people struggle with a multitude of issues from a poor childhood, abuse, anxiety, depression, weight gain, chronic disease, genetic mutations and so many more. Topics covered in this book include Genetics and Epigenetics, The Brain and Subconscious Programming, Gut-Brain Axis, Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise Programs and Health Benefits, Stress Reduction Techniques, The Top Functional Medicine Labs and Natural Supplements That Help Balance the Body. We will take a deep dive into each section and provide an explanation on why you feel the way you do and then outline thorough solutions to help balance your body and restore your health. World experts are cited along with real life case studies of patients that have changed their life and now lead a life of vitality and abundance.

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Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. ~ Dale Carnegie

Welcome To Interactive Body Balance and

Have you ever missed an event or occasion because you felt anxious or insecure?  Do you stay in because you are embarrassed of your body?  Do you avoid playing with your children or attending functions because you don’t have the stamina to keep up?  Are you scared that your current health crisis will keep you from living a life of vitality and abundance?  So what do we do here at Interactive Body Balance and  We help patients and clients lose weight, heal their gut and autoimmune conditions, overcome anxiety and depression, work with them to heal their adrenal and thyroid glands, deal with infertility, align their mindset and subconscious programs with their goals and bring energy and life back to their bodies.  We understand how you feel and can help you get to a place where you love yourself, feel content, healthy and excited about your future.  Our approach gives you your life back.

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It is my belief that every single person has the ability, skill, and tools to manifest and live the life that will bring them peace and prosperity.

No matter where you have come from, the misfortunes of the past or the failures that brought you here, today is a new beginning in your transformation of the mind, body and soul.

It is through my experience and knowledge of more than twenty years in physical and mental transformation that I present to you the fundamentals that will inspire you in every aspect of your life.