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Top Three Healthy Foods That Relieve Body Aches and Pains

I get this question a great deal when I see clients and patients each day.  How can I heal nagging injuries or why do I have this body or joint pain?  They say I just feel tired, run down and always sore.  There are many reasons for this and we always try and get to...

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Top Supplement Brands and Health Tests

Team, I get asked this question about 20 times a week so I wanted to do a quick e-mail on the top supplement brands we recommend (when necessary) and the four main labs we run on patients who are looking for a snapshot of their health when they don't feel well but...

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Foods That Raise and Lower Your Sex Hormones

    Most people are unaware of the power of their hormones.  I must admit that I had no idea growing up and in my early twenties.  These powerful chemical messengers are fundamental to your overall health and vitality.  They are involved in metabolism, growth,...

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Three Foods And Drinks That Give You A Boost

These are some great foods that give you energy, help stabilize your gut and really promote vitality and longevity.    You want your nutrients to be absorbed by your gut and distributed throughout your body where required.  These are staples in our home and I think...

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Weight Loss Supplements

For people that know me and my approach, they know that I am an advocate of real food, proper exercise, sufficient sleep and stress reduction techniques.  These will help you achieve your goals and aspirations over time.  There is no substitute for hard work.  There...

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Three Key Health Markers

Hey team,  every day I see patients and clients with a variety of health concerns and they are looking for answers.  They can range from fatigue, gut problems, weight gain, anxiety or mood concerns, heart problems, hormonal issues (stress, thyroid, estrogen,...

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Gluten and Grains

Grains/Wheat There is no doubt that when it comes to affecting your physiology and creating a cascade of health problems for individuals, grains is the number one offender.  Let’s be clear that the grains and grain products like pizza, bread, bagels, cereal, etc. that...

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Why People Don’t Follow Through…..And How To Change It

I get this question every day on why people don't stick to their New Year's resolutions or why they don't stay committed to projects or relationships for that matter.  There can be many reasons but here are the top five that I see. They don't have a big enough reason...

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How To Change A Negative Mindset Instantly

I know that many people find themselves daydreaming or experiencing negative thoughts throughout the day.  In fact " Each person has an average of 60,000 thoughts a day! That’s one thought per second in every waking hour! Amazingly, 95 percent are the same thoughts...

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