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Easy Ways To Train The Brain And Become Smarter

Here are some simple and practical tips to improve cognitive function   Get eight hours of sleep.  Some people need a little more and some a little less. Read, study and educate yourself daily. Always be learning and challenging yourself. Challenge your body with...

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How To Reduce Stress

Stress Reduction Techniques   If you asked me 15 years ago if this was important, I would have had a different answer.  With that said, stress reduction is more important today for some people to start with than exercise.  In 2016, more people spend their day in...

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Exercise Programs and Health Benefits

Exercise Programs and Health Benefits     Exercise   The impact of exercise on your mood, hormones, body chemistry, strength and heart is substantial.  The amount and duration of exercise you should attempt is dependent upon your physiological levels...

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How We Control Our Destiny

How We Control Our Destiny   Genetics and Epigenetics       There are certain genes that have been passed on from previous generations that we cannot change no matter how hard we try.  These may include eye colour, skin colour, height, etc.  They...

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How To Keep Your Focus And Attract What You Want

Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit   Pay close attention to your physical health. In my profession as a Functional Medical Practitioner and Personal Trainer I see too many people who are stressed out, fatigued, anxious, overweight, depressed, and in poor health. The...

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Basics on Nutrition

Nutrition   Perhaps the most profound impact on your health are the foods you eat on a daily basis. They are the fuel that facilitate your energy, mood, body composition, brain and vitality. Every day each one of us makes a decision on what type of food we...

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How To Condition Your Mind, Body And Spirit

Steps and Actions to Affirm Conditioning Your Mind, Body and Spirit   It is important to condition your mind, body and spirit. You are where you are because of the years of conditioning and behavior that you have experienced. In the first six to seven years of...

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What Is Your Life’s Purpose?

Why Are You The Way You Are?   We cannot change our DNA…and why would we? We are perfectly created exactly how God wanted us to be. We must instead turn our attention to understand who we are and why we are the person we are today. For most of us this is...

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Five Natural Supplements For Acute Pain

We always focus on getting to the root cause of any issue but sometimes there are acute injuries (sore back, shoulder, pain, etc.) that require some instant relief.  Here are some natural remedies for acute pain. Proteolytic Enzymes Zyflamend Butterbur Bromelain...

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