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Red Light Therapy

I have been really researching red light therapy and the benefits many patients and practitioners have received in using it.  There are hundreds of medical papers supporting the validity of this type of therapy.  As always, do your homework first and then make an...

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Many of my peers and mentors have been using this leading edge gut microbiome lab for an overall assessment of the individual's health.  Their results have been promising and this is where the science is going.   What is the gut...

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Kratom For Relieving Pain

Kratom I wanted to share this article on a supplement called Kratom that some of my peers use for pain relief.  I have not used it personally but I wanted to share based on some positive feedback from clients and patients.  Always consult with your primary care...

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How To Turn Thoughts Into Actions

  Perhaps the biggest obstacle I see facing my patients and clients is turning their new beliefs and thoughts into action.  They want to change, they know they need to change but sometimes they don't take action and implement.  They spend too much time in the...

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