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Belief Systems and Rituals

Belief Systems and Rituals   Rituals and belief systems are very important and crucial to personal growth. I will use the analogy of a house and the foundation. You need the foundation and infrastructure to be built first before you can inhabit a house. Your...

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Tips To Improve Your Life

Support Network   Your development and progress are augmented by the support network you have around you. This includes family, friends, co-workers, peers, mentors, spiritual advisors and anyone who comes across your path. This is especially true for people who...

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How To Improve Nerve Damage

Nerve damage and Nutritional Deficiency Nerve damage might even develop owing to deficiency of certain nutrients. Poor diet is not the sole cause of nutritional deficiency. Certain cancers impair absorption of nutrients, leading to severe nutritional deficiency, which...

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How To Look Good Naked

Ben Greenfield’s “Look-Good-Naked & Longevity” Program   Ultimately, to be fit, live a long time, and look good naked, you need: 1: Maintenance of cardiovascular fitness. Definition: Cardiovascular fitness is simply defined as the maximum amount of oxygen you...

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An Oil You Should Avoid

When it comes to canola oil, some people view it as a healthy food while others avoid it at all costs. When there are two extremely passionate viewpoints, it can be very challenging to get to the bottom of it all. On the one hand detractors claim that canola oil is...

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