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Change Your Words, Change Your Life

I come across Tony's articles and I am moved by how appropriate and accurate they are.  Your words are very powerful and have the ability to shape your day.  I find I am at my best when I pause, observe, analyze and then speak.  Your words and subsequent actions will...

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Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

From the rich to the poor, from the young to the old, I see people's belief systems hold them back in every facet of life.  It keeps them from their dream job, potential partner, financial viability and so much more.  Their subconscious programs from their youth have...

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The Power Of Intention

As we have mentioned many times. we really enjoy Dr. Dyer's work and his ability to do more with less.  He attracts into his life what he gives out.  His serenity and calm are what make him a still voice in the storm.  Enjoy this article below.  Thanks. It’s hard for...

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You Are Worthy

  A very simple but direct message from Dr. Wayne Dyer and one I encounter every day with patients and clients.  They feel they are not worthy enough and don't deserve life's blessings.  Whatever you are seeking is seeking you.  Enjoy the article. Have you ever...

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How To Live An Inspired Life

I really enjoyed this post on how to live an inspired life by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Dr. Dyer focuses on your source and how to use the universe to bring harmony to your life.  You can manifest your dreams and desires with your mind and through calculated action.  You are...

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Why Everything Happens For A Reason

I wanted to share a great article by LJ Vanier as I see many patients throughout the day always asking why certain events happen to them.  Are they random? Are they in diving order?  What was the purpose?  The is a succinct article which I think my audience will like...

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