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Healthy Snacks

Team, I wanted to share some healthy snacks from Doctor Axe.  He always provides great tasting snacks that are high in nutrients.  Please see the link below and enjoy.

Dr. Mark Hyman’s Recipes

Another great Doctor who is the author of “Eat Fat Get Thin”.  I enjoy his recipes and I hope the team does as well.  Enjoy.  ...

Vegetarian Meals

Breakfast suggestions Scrambled omelette toast topper Spicy tofu kedgeree Veggie breakfast bakes Apple & linseed porridge Cinnamon buckwheat pancakes with cherries Creamy yogurt porridge with apricot, ginger & grapefruit topping Bulghar & spinach fritters...

Sample Meal Plan

Sample Nutrition Plan for a 180 pound Male Daily consumption for Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins: Carbohydrates – 35% Fats – 35 % Protein – 30%   Proteins – essential to growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues. Fats – one source of energy and...
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