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Tip of The Day

You are exposed to positive ions from all of the EMF radiation and when flying. Use grounding techniques to increase negative ion flow.

More Words Of Wisdom

Remember to cycle in and out of bio identical hormones.

Can't have #gluten? Try buckwheat or millet. Great alternatives.

Ensure you are consuming more alkaline based #foods as opposed to acidic.

How do you get better? Learn from a #mentor who has success at what you aspire to be.

The difference between good and #great is persistence and #consistency. Keep working at your craft.

Best Foods And Supplements For Hair Loss

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Your actions are determined by your standards. Have you evaluated your standards lately?

An imbalance in #gut flora is a big contributor to #autoimmune #disease. #live with #purpose and #love with meaning. Love can #heal wounds that no pill can fix.

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