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Along with eating healthy and exercising, taking nutritional supplements are also important. Many studies have found the effect of supplements of Magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B, copper, nicotinamide (niacin), manganese, fish oils (omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids), and zinc along with Chromium have all been shown to benefit diabetic I or diabetic II individuals. Vitamin E is helpful because of its antioxidant and also because it plays a role in preventing some of the oxidation-induced blood vessel problem to which diabetics are susceptible. Vitamin C helps to reduce the risk of oxidation. Fish oils also help to protect blood vessels. Magnesium deficiency has been contributed to a reduced insulin production and it has also been associated with glucose intolerance. Studies have shown that copper and manganese have been shown to improve glucose control. Vitamin B 6, deficiency have been shown to reduce both serum and pancreatic insulin levels. It also contributes to degenerative changes in pancreatic beta cells and to abnormal glucose tolerance. Zinc contributes to blood sugar regulation. Chromium can help regulate cholesterol and blood pressure levels and contribute to healthy weight loss. Therefore, chromium helps the body metabolize sugar and supports the synthesis of fat and cholesterol.

Other causes can include structural problems in the cranium and spine, environmental toxins, side effects of medications, vaccinations and emotional trauma. All these stressors deplete the body’s vital energy allowing a genetic predisposition to actualize and make it difficult for the body to repair and fight against viral, bacterial and parasitic invaders.

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