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By definition… a parasite or parasitical organism is simply a lifeform that exists primarily off of the life of it’s host; the host being you or me! In essence, parasites live a parallel life within our bodies – feeding off our own energy, our own cells, and of course the nutition from the foods we eat. In recent medical studies, it has been estimated that as much as 85% of the North American adult population may have at least one form of parasitical organism living within their bodies. Again the study suggests ‘at least’ one kind… however, it is very likely the majority of us are hosting more than a single kind of uninvited guest.

The immediate question that comes to mind when people are informed of this situation is: How can a parasite possibly live in my body and I don’t even know it is there? The answer to this is simple. The purpose of a parasitical organism is to NOT make itself known. A smart parasite invader lives without being detected; because if it is detected, of course, something is going to be done to eradicate it. If you think the organisms are stupid, think again. They are highly intelligent invaders. Not intelligent in the same way that humans are, but rather they are intelligent in their ability to survive and reproduce, which is the purpose of any successful lifeform on the planet.

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