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Refined sugar has been stripped of the nutrients and fruit sugar hasn’t. Your body works harder and slows down the absorption of the sugar when it is fructose (or natural sugar). This is important, because sugar spikes are what happen if you get too much sugar in your body at once. Your body doesn’t know what to with it all. You get a short rush and then crash, because you can’t keep up with it. Your body is not meant to get it like that. But our bodies use glycogen and glucose, not sucrose or even fructose. Glycogen comes from glucose. Glucose is what your body uses right now. Glycogen is short term storage of glucose. It turns into that with the help of insulin (which your body makes properly unless you are diabetic or hypoglycemic. Too much insulin and you are hypoglycemic, too little you are diabetic). There is a limit to the amount of storage we have for both glycogen and glucose. If there isn’t enough space, it turns into long term energy storage (which is fat). Sucrose (or refined sugars) breaks down into glucose which spikes because it starts immediate insulin production. Basically fructose takes a longer route and keeps your body in balance and refined sugar (or sucrose) knocks it out of balance. I hope this helps and remember to keep this in mind when reaching for that can of pop.

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