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Psychological Reasons for Sugar Cravings

Many people seek emotional comfort from food, and sweet, sugary food can be especially comforting since it raises your serotonin levels and makes you feel happier for a brief time. If you find yourself eating sugary foods because you’re bored or because you feel it helps you cope with problems in your life, you may be comfort eating. Your sugar cravings could be a psychological response to boredom or upsetting situations.

Sugar cravings can also occur by force of habit. If you’re accustomed to having a sweet dessert after your evening meal, you might find yourself cravings sweets if you try to cut out your dessert. If you’re in the habit of snacking, and then you try to reduce your snacking, you might find yourself craving sugar by force of habit at the times you were once accustomed to snack.

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