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In men, the hormone testosterone is produced primarily in the testes. The levels of testosterone in the body, peak during adolescence and young adulthood. With age they decline gradually. It has been measured that after the age of 30 the levels of testosterone decrease by 1% a year. As a result of this testosterone loss men can experience andropause in a similar way women go through menopause; although may be not as abruptly.
When testosterone levels decrease they might lead to emotional and physical changes, even in sexual function in some men. The physical changes may cover decreased bone density, hair loss, reduced muscle mass and increased body fat. Some men may have fatigue and hot flashes. Moreover, decreased levels of testosterone may lead to decreased self-confidence and motivation. Feelings of depression or sadness may appear together with difficulty in memory and concentration. Something to be aware of and how exercise and supplements can help counteract this.

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