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Chest Up. Chest should be pointing straight ahead. You can also tighten your upper-back better as a result of proper chest alignment.

Look Straight ahead. Look at the ceiling and your neck will hurt. Keep your head inline with your torso, but don’t start looking at your feet.

Bar Position. Put the bar low, below the bone at the top of your shoulder-blades and on your back muscles – NOT on your spine.

Grip Width.  This is a preference but I like a slightly wide grip (elbows at 90 degrees) as this feels most comfortable.  Some believe a narrower grip allows for better back tightening.

Straight Wrists. Your back supports the weight, not your hands. Keep your wrists inline with your forearm, never bend them.

Tight Upper-back. Bring your shoulder-blades together. Tightening the upper-back gives the bar a solid base to rest on.

Elbows Back. Don’t let them come forward. Pushing your elbows back prevents elbow injuries.

Foot Stance. A narrow stance doesn’t work for the low bar Squat. Heels should be shoulder-width apart..

Toes Out. Point your toes out at about 30 degrees. Your toes must always follow your knees or you’ll get knee injuries.  Some prefer to point them a little more forward but this is also a preference.

Squatting Down

Knees Out. Never allow your knees to buckle in unless you want to injure them. Push your knees out as you Squat down.

Hip Parallel. Your hip joint must come down to at least 90 degrees for full benefit.  Some prefer to go lower with the glutes reaching the ground.

Weight Shift.  When lowering the weight, the emphasis should be placed on your heels to the middle part of your foot.  You should not be on the ball of your foot.

Glutes.  Your glutes should be shifting out like you are getting ready to sit on a chair.

Squatting Up.

Keep your Torso Angle Like This Hips and Chest should go up at the same time so the bar doesn’t throw you forward.

Squeeze Your Glutes. Power comes from the glutes. Squeeze them hard as you lock-out the weight. It will also keep your lower back safe.

Grab The Floor. Grab the floor with your feet as it will help activate your glutes. Do NOT let your heels come off the floor.  For pronunciation, toes can be slightly off the floor to show proper weight transfer.

Knees Out. Same as for the way down: don’t let your knees buckle in.  That is a weak stance.  Push your knees out as you Squat up.

Hip Flexion. Squeeze at the top bringing your body back to steady state.

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